Devil Ronin
Devil Ronin is an original game in the style of games from the Commodore 64 home computer. It was created for the 2008 Retro Remakes Competition, where it won second place in the original retro-styled games category.

The world of Devil Ronin is Japan in the Sengoku Era, a time of great civil war. The Demon Shogun, lord of the oni, has decided to capitalise on the conflict and dispatched his demon armies to conquer the nation. You play the role of Kuruhito, an oni who has turned against his demon master and who now fights on the side of humanity. Fight your way through the historic prefectures of Japan, battling both mythic monsters and the human armies that serve corrupt lords aligned with the Demon Shogun.

I'm please to announce that Devil Ronin was selected as one of the 20 Best Freeware Arcade Games of 2008, as well as its selection by the Indie Games blog and Game Set Watch blog.

Supported Platform(s): Java  
Devil Ronin
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Title Screen

The Story Begins

Bakemono Battle

Attacking A Castle