Tunnels of Doom Reboot
Tunnels of Doom Reboot (ToDR) is a remake of the classic dungeon RPG Tunnels of Doom (ToD), released on the TI-99/4A home computer. The original game featured four character types, an up to 10 level dungeon, quests, magic items, and a dual perspective environment (3D hallways and overhead rooms). It was one of the earliest (and richest) graphical RPGs, and is fondly remembered today by those lucky enough to play it in its original form.

This remake is an attempt to bring the fun of Tunnels of Doom to new players, with enhancements that will hopefully allow the game to take advantage of improved technology without compromising the pleasure of the original.

The soundtrack to the ToDR adventures is by Frank 'Skyrunner' Scheffel, a very talented demo scene musician who put a tremendous amount of time and creative energy into this. Thank you again Frank! And speaking of the music, you may also be interested in Tunnels of Doom: The Music, a page by original ToD composer Hank Mishkoff.

Now available are converted TOD adventures playable in ToDR, as well as the tools for converting your own. Download the TOD modules to enjoy these old classics, and grab the TOD Converter Tool for converting others yourself.

Also available is the TOD Toolkit, a set of Java classes which extracts game data and images from the original ToD game files. It is useful for analysing the data structures of the original game, as well as for porting old adventures over.

You can find out more about the original Tunnels of Doom from the Tunnels of Doom Tribute site, run by Ed Burns. He has interviews with the game's creator and musician, help on playing ToD on your PC, and much more.

Thanks to Kevin Kenney, the original author of ToD, for both a great game and the permission to create this remake.

Supported Platform(s): Java  
ToDR v1.2b
Full Game

ZIP (44M)
ToDR v1.2b Patch
(for earlier version users)

ZIP (183K)
TOD modules for ToDR
(requires v1.2 or later)

ZIP (2M)
TOD Converter Tool
ZIP (394K)
TOD Toolkit v1.1
ZIP (17k)

In The Tunnels

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Bargaining With A
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