Hunt The Wumpus
Hunt The Wumpus is a remake of the classical searching game by Gregory Yob. It is heavily inspired by the graphical version released on the TI-99/4A computer.

You play a lone hunter seeking to liberate a village from the predations of the Wumpus. Entering the twisting caverns, you must avoid slime pits and the unpredictable bats in your search. Bloodstains on the floors warn you that the Wumpus slumbers nearby, and when you've determined the beast's location, you have one chance to fire your arrow. Succeed and the threat of the Wumpus is ended. Fail, and you become the next victim of the Wumpus.

NOTE: When playing the online version of this game, please allow time for the full applet to download. Also, try not to refresh the page with the applet, as on some browsers this causes extra versions of the game to spawn in memory, and they won't close until the browser is closed. Also be aware that, depending on your browser and Java version, the game may not load, or may run strangely after loading. I am working on improving the experience so that it functions for as many people as possible, and I thank you for your patience.

Supported Platform: Java  
(requires Java)
Game v1.0
ZIP (3.4M)

The Hunt Is On

Watch Out For Pits