Chirality is a one-switch game of reflexes and perception. Watch for overlapping matches as the symbols rotate left and right, all the while getting faster as your score climbs higher. Three different difficulty levels allow you to play at your own pace, and you can choose either PEACE or PANIC mode to control game speed. Chirality features music by Gordon King, as well as ingame voice effects.

You can read a review of Chirality at the Special Effect Gamebase, as well as comments on the OneSwitch blog, both of which are devoted to accessible gaming and one-switch computer technology.

Chirality+ is the same game with added visual effects. The lines are now a bit glowing, and there is a dancing grid in the background of the main game area. It's also a good deal slower on some systems, but some people seem to like all the distracting stuff.

Chirality+ can be installed in the same location as Chirality, should you download both. They will share the same score file, and otherwise co-exist happily.

Supported Platform(s): Java  
Chirality v1.1
ZIP (2.6M)

Chirality+ v1.0
ZIP (2.6M)


The Dragonfly

The Orchid

The Windmill